We love to summarize

Now I say above the smoke isn’t just for experienced smokers or even inexperienced and I stick to it. All through the day Antonio was happy to answer any questions we had about cannabis, granted for experienced smokers it’s things we might already know but he explained a lot about the differences in Hash and the Buds in the coffeeshop. CBD and THC came up as a talking point as well as other random things or questions people had on there mind. Something I noticed is it’s not just a case of discussing Boerejongens, on couple of occasions we spoke about other shops in the city that had particular strains and I found myself openly speaking to the Italians about others shops i go to on the regular. With that it’s not a case that every topic that is discussed is about weed, nearer the end of the smoke anything from DBZ to the new Trainspotting was talked about. (It’s disgusting to find out kids these days don’t know about DBZ, made Antonio and me feel a little old!)

The reason I liked the smoke is because it’s the first in the city to my knowledge set up by a Cannabis Company or supplier, on top of that it’s a great way for people to learn more about Cannabis and ask any questions they have both about the shop and the city, although you have the Cannabis College but it’s just easier to ask questions while smoking. I think it’s fair to say we were smoking none stop but Antonio continued to answer all our questions however difficult or long to answer.

When i’m back I’ll definitely look to get myself back on the list.

I hope these do continue and I would love to hear other people’s experiences and thoughts.

Thank for reading this long old article and enjoy your next stay at Boerejongens!