According to Austrian local media Kurier, the long term patient Willhelm Wagner was led to closed psychiatry, after a search warrant led to another house search. The last action from government side was just a little more than a year ago, as you can read in another local media the Salzburger Nachrichten. During the last raid, the police confiscated 76 plants, cash and some electronic devices.

I’m shocked to see force of law hitting a pain patient in that way. It is really sad to put such effort in preventing a patient from his medicine. When looking at global scales, you see that the effort to eradicate cannabis is going down and down. Only some states are trying to enforce harder policies on that topic and it seems Austria is becoming one of them.

What do you think about that development?


It looks like that there where multiple warrants against different cannabis social clubs in Austria going on in the last days. According to the Hanf-Institut at least the CSC Vienna was targeted as well.