It’s a normal Friday evening. You’re watching a movie on one of the mainstream TV Stations. In my case the movie was CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER. I’m not sure about the media volume that movie received but it was aired during primetime.

During a commercial break, earlier than 22:00, I noticed there was something off with a particular spot. At first I wasn’t really sure what it was, but during another commercial break I watched closer.

The spot is easily described by 2 guys watching a flying kitchen knife in another flat. The knife is used by MIA. MIA is the mascot of the Austrian furniture company Mömax. The first cut features a guy sitting on the window, rolling a cigarette. When you watch that cut closely you will notice a Bong left of the guy. The spot then cuts to the flying knife. A few cuts later the same field of view as in the first cut appears. But the Bong is gone!

But see for your self.

I think that shows that the war on drugs is finally over. Mainstream Media airs a cannabis reference in a local mainstream TV commercial.

War is Over!