Stock increase for Amsterdam Coffeeshops

Current news suggest that there might be a lift of the 500 gram enforcement on coffeeshop stock in Amsterdam. This is good news for Amsterdam Coffeeshops, the current regulation enforces to keep stock off premise to be able to supply the coffeeshop. The lift of the enforcement will allow the stores to hold more product on stock and don’t need to refer to off premise storage anymore.

Behind the scenes

We’ve started to prepare some merchandise of which none is ready yet but we may end up running a small shop and selling some of the stuff. We’ve started looking into different distribution channels. So when you feel like having our merchandise in your store contact us for some details. Also feel free to contact when you have a specific merchandise idea.


A lot is changing all over the world. We see rulers that we would not have imagined possible 20 years ago. Policies are more and more leaning towards cannabis acceptance. Some small countries like Austria still try to do the exact opposite. You can still feel the pressure on the Coffeeshops but there are some that seem to thrive very well. Some shops around the city are renovating or where shortly renovated. It seems the positive governmental situation have allowed for new reinvestment’s into a very risky business. As an owner your license is at risk at any time and government may stop by anytime and at regular basis.