A long time has passed since you last heard from me. I was busy dealing with everyday stuff and some behind the scene things we’re not yet ready to reveal. In the end you will find some updates on what’s going on in Amsterdam Coffeeshops.

Parting Ways

My last trip to Amsterdam now was about 6 months ago and a lot changed during that time. During the last trips I was accompanied by a very special friend. I’m sad to say that our ways have parted in the last months. Maybe that friend finds the time in his busy life to read that lines.

Thank you for everything we have experienced during the last years. We’ve gone through many bad and many good things. I hope you find what you’re longing and looking for. Stay true to yourself and never loose your spirit. You’ll be rewarded with the happiness you deserve.

Coffeeshop Closure

On 1st Jannuary 2017 a set of Coffeeshops had to close due to their proximity to schools. Among those shops was Mellow Yellow the first Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Some of the shops that where announced to close could stay open due to the school that caused the closing moving to another premise.One of the shops on that list is Utopia, so we can enjoy the Laughing Budda for indefinite time. For more details about the closing have a look at DutchAmsterdam.com.

Legal Changes

We already did some coverage about the proposed changes to the legislation of the backdoor problem. The lower house accepted the bill on 21st Feb 2017 with 77 to 72 votes. At the time of writing the Netherlands don’t have a government at all. The election off 15th March 2017 requires a four party coalition to form a government. As soon as there is a government in place the bill will be discussed in the upper house. Private growers in the Netherlands already fear that the bill only allows licensed growers to produce for the Coffeeshops and that the small growers that just produce for them self still get criminalized. Passing the first chamber of parliament is a large accomplishment for that bill and we will see if the Netherlands soon have solved the backdoor issue.