Mellow Yellow was the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam. At the time the Mellow Yellow was founded there was no decriminalized regulation regarding cannabis in the netherlands. They started with a dealer, that pretended to be a customer, sat on one of the tables. It was not called coffeeshop, they called it a tea shop. The name is based on the song of Donovan, that suggests to smoke banana peel to get high. The name was perfect so that hippies knew something was going on.

The concept that Mellow Yellow came up with was copied very fast by other coffeeshops. That’s the main reason why the Mellow Yellow doesn’t carry the registration number 1. The first coffeeshop that was licensed by the government is The Bulldog.

So when you want to visit a piece of coffeeshop history make sure to go for a visit.

And be prepared to spent some time waiting in line, depending on the time of day it can get very crowded.

When you enjoyed your stay, let us know in the comment section.

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  • Address Vijzelgracht 33
    1017 HN Amsterdam

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