Amsterdam Genetics Smoking Session 9/2/2017

Some of you might be aware that Amsterdam Genetics has recently started holding a smoking session at the Boerejongens central location during both the week and weekends. This is for anyone living or visiting the city. From what we know this is a first any coffeeshop has tried to do & it’s a great addition to the shop. One of our writers managed to get himself on the list and below is his thoughts in a breakdown from questions he’s seen on the forum.

I’ll say I find this hard to write about as there’s so much to mention, I’ll first answer the easy questions i’ve seen online and then give my account and thoughts of the afternoon.


How can you get involved?

You can put your name down for an invite by contacting Amsterdam Genetics via facebook here, I think the list is quite long but it’s worth checking out via Facebook and simply signing up for your future travels.

Who do you meet?

Antonio is hosting most of the smoke ups with other staff members helping out occasionally. Regarding who you meet it can totally depend who’s also been invited at that time but it’s good to mention now how social the smoking session was when I went, Antonio went out of his way to make sure everyone was comfortable and knew each other.

What will you be smoking on?

What you smoke can completely depend on what’s to offer at that moment. I liked is it’s not a case of getting the most expensive or even the cheapest weed, they genuinely wanted to supply you with what’s best in at that time. It’s a chance for the shop to show you what they have for offer so why would they show you anything but the best. We got treated to the Amazing Haze, G13 x Super Silver, tangie x kosher bloke and LA Sour Kush.

What should i take?

Boerenjongens supplied all the essentials: papers, grinder, buds, hash and even the tobacco, perhaps take your ID with you just in case.

Can I roll my own?

Course you can. The majority of the time we smoked on the Volcano Vaporiser but this isn’t to say you can’t roll spliffs, on top of that Antonio might ask you to roll a doobie or two passing you a couple nugs. Chance to show off your rolling skills.

How long does it last?

I’m not sure this has even been address by Boerejongens yet, it’s in baby steps but personally I would allow at least 4/5 hours.

Do I need to be an experienced smoker?

No not at all. This is a smoking session but also from what I saw a time to educate new and old customers, thought-out the afternoon we had a mixture of smokers and experiences.

Food for thought…

Arriving early is a good thing to mention, this is because your almost certain to get a nice seat, I didn’t do this!! I walked in & upstairs 20 minutes late but I was still warmly welcomed by Antonio and the group.

Bring your own bud. This is totally down to you and it’s great that Boerejongens supply some smoke but personally you can’t expect everything for free, during the smoke a couple of us occasionally went downstairs to grab a couples grams and also a few coffee.