Time for my experience at Boerejongens

I got invited for the smoke at 3:30. It’s amusing, I had been pestering for a couple weeks to get myself on the list so I could find out what this smoke-up was all about and in that I arrived late, luckily this was no issue. There were already 4 people in the room, 5 including Antonio and after we greeted each other he moved things around so I could get comfortable.

Once I settled Antonio continued preparing the Volcano filling it with the last of the Amazing Haze. It’s fair to say the Volcano is the pièce de résistance of the session, we had 3 balloons and each was constantly been filled, there wasn’t a moment someone wasn’t smoking.

I missed the first 20 minutes so as soon as I sat down I was almost immediately passed a balloon filled with the Amazing Haze, that was the last balloon of the strain but as soon as she was finished Antonio promptly refilled the Volcano with the Kosher x Tangie Hash. The hash was the best smoke we got treated to, if you’ve read my Easy Times review you’ll know i’m a Kosher fan, I think this hash was missing that distinctive Kosher taste but it was more than made up for with the Tangie. The Volcano allows you to have full flavour and the high is very fresh and clean but still whacks a punch.

As well as the Volcano there was the occasional spliff going around the room. At one point we were running low on flowers so Antonio ran downstairs and brought up a few bags of G13 x Silver Haze, unfortunately the Super Silver Strawberry wasn’t in stock but that was no issue. I’ve smoked the G13 before and I know it’s a very strong high, not the best tasting bud on the menu but the high super strong head thinker. When he came back he handed the out couple bags asking people to roll up. I mentioned above that I think you should take your own buds or even buy a couple during the smoke, this is just polite. Who comes to a smoke without any smoke?! Granted I know we all have a friend popping to mind but taking your own just allows you to roll and not have rely on the Vaporiser. I’m a fan of the Volcano but i prefer to roll and smoke a doobie.

Just a quickie – Organisation

I will say and have also mentioned to Boerejongens that organisation needs to be looked at. This is only the first month so I understand it’s a little unorganised and with that we had a couple of Italians who missed the session the day before join us in ours. This was no issue but it made the room super full and BOILING HOT!!! I think in the future this will change and the organisation will be looked at but as I said before it’s only first month so what can you expect. It’s learning curb…

When the Italians joined us it crossed my mind that the social aspect might be lost due to the language barrier but this wasn’t the case at all. Antonio being Italian himself translated bits here and there plus we all smoke. I’ve been in town or other social cannabis events and found language isn’t always a must, we all have something in common so it’s easy to get along. With that Antonio went out of his way to make sure everyone was comfortable and knew each other at all times. A smoking session for me is at least a 4-5 hour thing so I didn’t expect to leave till 7/8 but other people did come and go, however the atmosphere was more than welcoming though-out, we all simply continued to smoke and chat.

17:30/18:00 – Been here a while, rather stoned!

It was around this time we starting losing people, we had been smoking a while and the G13 was now almost finished, within this time Antonio had yet again gone downstairs bringing up the LA Sour Kush. Me personally being an Indica smoker loved this, I had tried the LA Choco Kush a few months back and if the sour was anything in comparison we would all be happy. The bud itself as expected held a very strong sour taste, I didn’t think she was as nice as the LA Choco taste wise but she was still a very strong sofa lock high with a strong taste and aroma, was nice to try.

Around 17:15 Italians left and the group of 4 English also decided to head out half hour later. You do get super hungry, your smoking for quite a while so for future thought it might be an idea to take a bit of snack food. As the English group left another English couple joined, I’m not 100% what happened here or if there were supposed to there at 15:30 either way Antonio was more than happy and we started the smoke all over again. At this point I had been in Boerejongens for almost 3 hours so it’s good to say I was happy sitting in my seat and listening to the others speak. This is when the smoke got real relaxed as there was now only 4 of us, Antonio took a seat and all got very comfortable. Again the room was open for questions and I think they won’t mind me saying that the couple had a lot of questions, the girl wasn’t the biggest smoker and her partner was the smoker out them both. We actually met up in Katsu the next day and she explained that even though she isn’t the biggest smoker she was more than happy at Boerejongens and enjoyed the experience. When she didn’t want to smoke she mentioned it to Antonio and of course he was happy with this, if anything I wasn’t to complain, he just passed the Vape to me and we continued. This just adds to fact these smokes are in a sense open to anyone and that is something I like.

As mentioned above from here on out the session got very relaxed, we ended up leaving around 19:30 and the hour before hand was just filled with amusing chit chat and questions from the couple. At this point I was hungry and tired, I had asked all my questions that I wanted and had smoked almost all my buds.

It good to say Boerejongens supplied all the essentials: papers, grinder, buds, hash and even the tobacco. This was the first time for me trying the Amsterdam Genetics Cigar. I had always been intrigued but never got the chance to ask questions, this made for perfect timing. Antonio explained that the Cigar contains 28 grams and with that no additives! It burns slow and it pretty much fresh pure tobacco. At first glance I wasn’t convinced, it’s very dry and it smelt strong, almost like Drum (I usually refuse to smoke drum tobacco) Once sparked i noticed the joint didn’t hold that strong smell, I don’t use much tobacco but even with drum it ruins the taste of the joint. With the cigar I could clearly taste the flowers, I rolled with the Casey Jones which is a distinctive strain and with the cigar there was no effect or lack of flavour.