As you all know the Dutch policies about soft drugs are very tolerant (and in a sense very backward). You can go to your favourite Coffeeshop and buy up to 5 grams of cannabis per day. For the last 40 years the Dutch government turned a blind eye towards the supply of the coffeeshops. When you ask a budtender where the cannabis comes from the most likely answer will be. “It’s the magical appearance of cannabis all over the netherlands.”  (it’s magic.)’. In a recent debate the topic came up and there will be a decision on February 14th 2017 about how to proceed.

This is a major step for the Netherlands and could ensure the Dutch government a good standing during the ongoing Green Rush and allows for the industry to thrive.

The Dutch News

Below you find the coverage from the Cannabis News Network. In the 4 minutes it covers different points of view from multiple politicians and also offers a short overview of the current Achterdeur problem. Enjoy the video.

Other News

We didn’t do an update in a while now, so we use this great opportunity to cover some other global news. We had some bad and some good news. But let’s start in a chronological order.

Right after the year started we had a big loss for the whole industry. Franco Loja, the well known Strain Hunter, passed away too early. During his last trip to Africa he got infected with cerebral malaria, while helping to develop a landrace that helps to fight Malaria. Franco lived from May 20 1974 to January 2 2017 and left big footsteps in the industry. We like to express our condolence to all his relatives and close ones. You can find a condolence page over at Green House Seeds.

Good news reach us from Germany, on January 19 2017 the german Bundestag made clear that as of March 1st 2017 it will be possible to for patients to get their medical marijuana with a recipe. This leads to large financial support for people with severe health issues that can not afford to pay for their therapy. Together we are able to work towards better policies all over the globe.

Another news reached us(More related news this time) from the Philippines. The President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the police to not enforce drug policies. This does not mean the philippine war on drugs is over, it merely was a shift of the military to enforce the drug policies.

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