It is really sad to see there are again shootings going on in Amsterdam. According to AT5, a local news network, the shooting took place at Coffeeshop Vondel and many shop owners feel intimidated and like easy prey for criminals. Like the other coffee shops targeted by shootings, Vondel is now closed for investigation and has to stay closed till the investigation is concluded. This means a major loss for the owner of Vondel and may even lead to complete closure of the premises. Another closure is a major loss for the cities coffee shop culture.

In the process of Project 1012 many stores located in “de Wallen” are in the process of closing down or already have closed doors for good. It looks like cleaning up the city caused more crime in the outskirts. Are the shootings a consequence of the closures or is it just a coincidence? Rivalry between shop owners leads to crime. Cooperation between the owners will lead to prosper times for the whole industry and less crime in the city. The idea behind coffeeshops was to eliminate crime and to create a save environment for consumers.

Amsterdam is a city with a major surveillance effort going on. The streets are watched with CCTV and all coffeeshops operate their own surveillance. Many shops enforce strict policies according to age and behavior on premise. The standards are higher than in any bank I’ve visited, so you should consider yourself safe while on premise.

You’re in the city and ready to visit Vondel. Just take a short walk to Boerejongens West and enjoy your coffee there.

What are the real reasons behind the 9 shootings in this year?
Is there even a remote chance to find the attacker?
How to reduce the shootings or completely eliminate them?
Do you have answers to that questions, then feel free to discuss your opinions in the comments.

Read the original and watch the local news snippet at AT5.