UNGASS2016 didn’t bring the long overdue change in global drug policy. There were some bright signs during the conference but the outcome document still has a harsh sound. Many asian countries defended their death penalties, on the other hand there were some representatives fighting to end the War on Drugs.

But there were also some positive news from the US, Canada and Mexico.

By now, everyone might already know, Canada is going to legalize cannabis in spring 2017. The news was featured by big media like The Guardian, The Washington Post and The Telegraph. So I’ve asked the laywers of omqlaw.ca how the announcement will affect the market and what will happen in the meantime.

The legalization of marijuana in Canada will have a major effect on both the legal and illegal sides of the market – and the uncertainty of how this will play out is likely a cause for delay in bringing this part of the election platform to fruition. The recent announcement targeting 2017 is unlikely to affect things, although it does firm up the expectation that the Liberals will propose something in year two of their four-year term.
We expect things to be largely status quo in the meantime, although it’s likely safe to assume that a lot is happening on the policy side within the government, as well as the private enterprise side where suppliers will be jostling for position. Enforcement, being done at the local level, will dictate how aggressive/successful pot-trepreneurs will be on a per jurisdiction basis.

Mexico is going to decriminalize the possession of up to 28 gram. This change allows consumers not to fear repression by law enforcement. Read more about the upcoming change over at Leafly.

Also some big news could be read on Fortune. As reported on April 22nd, 2016 the DEA approved a way to legally smoke Marijuana. This is a big announcement in history of the “War on Drugs”. The agency approved a clinical trial of cannabis for the treatment of PTSD. So go ahead and read the whole news at Fortune.

You might want to travel to canada when the legalisation is actually in force. The guys at Cannabis Culture created a post about how to behave when the time is come.

When I’m actually talking about travel, make sure to check out the fabulous infographics provided by omqlaw.ca. Stay safe while traveling.

Marijuana Lessons for Canada: USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands

Marijuana Lessons for Canada: USA vs Portugal vs Netherlands

When you happen to be in Amsterdam while reading check out The Bulldog or The Green House.

Let me know what you think about the changes that are currently happening all over the world.