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Welcome to Boerejongens Coffeeshop

Translation: Farmer Boys

Boerejongens like 1e Hulp or even Katsu is one we advise you have to visit when traveling to the city. If you read the site often you’ll know we mention the real coffeeshops of Amsterdam and Boerejongens is another that would find itself in that list. They have 3 locations however, this is mainly regarding the central location.

It’s hard to say Boerejongens isn’t a come and go coffeeshop. The smoking area upstairs is quite small and a strict no tobacco rule (it’s not like the other coffeeshops where you can use it on the sly, here you roll pure or take a vape) however this doesn’t change the fact it’s one of the main stops on the coffeeshop.tour. When you’re really lucky you can grab a coffee in the upstairs smokers lounge but for most visitors it’s more or less a pickup experience.

It’s small, but professionally styled, interior makes this one of the most friendly coffeeshops. When you arrive at rush hour you’ll be waiting in a line that can easily reach out on the street. You notice that the owner has tried to promote the coffeeshop as something different, it’s more than just a coffeeshop. They’ve in sense they’ve copied a similar look to that of a pharmacy and that has defiantly made Boerejongens stand out from the rest.

Once you’re inside, you’ll feel you’re in more of a doctors than a coffeeshop, they have a marble like floor and walls which isn’t common for a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The dark brown wooden stools really add to the smart, clean atmosphere.

The Menu and Cannabis

The Sativa Menu at pinterest

Super Silver Haze during a coffeeshops.tour in Amsterdam found at Boerejongens

Super Silver Haze during a coffeeshops.tour in Amsterdam found at Boerejongens

The menu is electronic and due to the large stock of strains Boerejongens has 3 different menus on offer. It’s good to know, which one of the menus you like to see, when approaching the budtender. Your possible choices are Indica, Sativa and Hash. The weed is always top quality, some of the nicest Amsterdam has to offer plus the fact you rarely see a strain for more than 14euro! (read our locals personal review it happens to be one of their hotspots) Boerejongens is making a change in Amsterdam by having some of the strongest strains at the most affordable prices! That and the profession attitude make this place an easy spot to remember.

The Hash

The Hash is something we have to mention as there killing it, the prices for the quality are unreal. We actually pressed the Big Buddha Cheese Block and from 3 grams of hash we produced 1.3 worth of rosin, a return just under 50%. The block hashes are usually under the 10 euro bracket and the White Choco Block for 8euro is a steal!

The service is friendly but remember the central shop can get busy, take that into consideration when visiting here, due to the smallness the shop it can sometimes be stressful with the amount of people but we’re never in a rush so be patient, they aren’t going to sell out.

If you’re visiting here and find yourself needed a smoking spot then check out Barney’s, Hunters or even Smokeys, we wouldn’t suggest you buy your weed at Smokeys but it’s an okay place to chill without getting hassled for a drink.

Things to keep on mind

Boerejongens is the only coffeeshop to start holding a smoking sessions for tourists and locals in the city, it’s a great way to learn information and meet like minded stoners! Should you be interested contact Prof Harvest via Facebook or check there page here.

Let us know your thoughts and show us what you bought in the comment section below.

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  • Address Utrechtsestraat 21
    1017 VH Amsterdam
  • Maria

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Great coffeeshop. Easy accessable location. Perfect service.


    Small smokers lounge.

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