Welcome to Ibiza!

Enjoy your stay in one of the famous coffeeshops around De Pijp. After you enter you will be greeted by a friendly budtender. The menu is alway excellent and you can’t go wrong with your choice. The staff will help you pleasantly with all of your questions.

Ibiza has a nice selection of hot and cold drinks as well. Order your Chocomel or koffie verkeerd right as you order your smoke.

After you’ve ordered feel free to take a seat in the large smokers room. When you’re lucky the house cat will join you while you sit and enjoy your drink.

From here you can continue to Yo-Yo or you can walk along the Albert Cuyp Markt to Club Media.

Let us know if you enjoyed your stay at coffeeshop Ibiza.

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  • Address Hemonystraat 16
    1074 BP Amsterdam
  • rene

    Rating: 5 / 5

    Nice place with a large lounge. Good coffee and a nice menu. Make sure to pet the cat.

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