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Katsu is an amazing spot used by both locals and tourists, it’s a super chill & located on Eerste van der Helststraat, it’s just off the famous Albert Cuyp market, as soon as you see the place you feel the 60’s hippy vibe it gives off. You will notice Katsu from afar, its hand painted sign stands out with it’s bright colors. They have a Gazebo outside which allows them to have a couple of benches and tables underneath. The coffeeshop keeps public annoyance at a minimum, thus rolling your herbs outside is not allowed. It’s busy location makes it easy for a passerby to see you roll.

When you enter you’ll feel the hippy oriental vibe this place holds. The vibe originates from both the artwork and hand painted walls. On top of all decor which includes anything from old chillums to new age bongs. They have many posters from the 60/70s which in a sense adds to the old school coffeeshop social aspect it seems to have kept.

You’ll see the place is huge they have a large seating areas both as you enter and at the end of the shop, makes it a great spot to chill with friends and meet new people. They also have stools and chairs along the bar. The coffeeshop offers a relaxed atmosphere to buy your buds and chill. The staff is always friendly and super relaxed and on top of all that the menu is huge!


Weed menu from coffeeshop Katsu in February 2017

Weed menu from coffeeshop Katsu in February 2017

Check the menu’s as even our writers can’t keep up with this place. Unfortunately they removed a Choco OG, that is worth mentioning, from their menu. In exchange they added a new OG Kush and a White Walker Kush, which are both super tasty, to the menu at the higher end of the list. When you’re after a cheaper smoke the Northern Lights Silver Pearl is nice indica and 2.2 for 20euro it’s a great deal.

If you’re still unsure what to buy the staff is more than happy to help. I’ve even seen them roll spliffs for the customers while not busy.

At the end of the day the coffeeshop is one of those coffeeshops that isn’t just about the weed. It’s the about whole experience and vibe, Katsu if compared to some is on the top for all aspects! It’s one of the ones you have to go to just to get a feel for the place.

Vaporisers and extra’s

It’s worth to mention that similar to Amnesia and others we’ve talked about Katsu also has the ability for you to use a vaporiser. It’s not a Volcano but a …… which some might believe is more traditional on top of that they also have Bongs available and will happily lend you a grinder at no cost. They bong they might ask for a deposit but that can depend how high you look!

Katsu due to its popularity with locals can be busy, when you find the shop crowded, take a walk to Club Media just around the corner or even check out Ibiza just at the end of the road.

Do you love Katsu? Let us know your thoughts when you visited, show up what you bought and post the photos below.

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  • Address Eerste van de Helststraat 70
    1072 NZ Amsterdam
  • Peppi

    Rating: 4 / 5

    A great place in an awesome location.


    You might have to wait in line for service and might not be able to get a place.

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