New Years Eve in Amsterdam!

When spending New Years Eve in Amsterdam make sure to be open and ready to soak up the energy and life of the city. Amsterdam is alwas very living but there are some times during the year where the city is almost exploding from energy. One of those times is in the time between December 24th and Jannuary 6th. During that time you can almost feel the old year go and the energy and live for the new year rise.

After a long and energy training year 2015 it was time for some fun in one of the loveliest cities of the world. After some thinking it was clear to me where the journey will go and after some hesitation this site was born.

So join me on my journey to expirience New Years Eve in Asmterdam.


Closed down coffeeshop Roxy in Amsterdam on New Years Eve 2015.

Closed down coffeeshop Roxy in Amsterdam on New Years Eve 2015.

I started to compose some information for myself. During the process I noticed that it is hard to find valueable information in a good to browse way. Since i’ve already started to collect the information, I started to build this site as a handy resource during my stay.

I’ve been looking for a nice place to stay and wound up booking a nice apparment in the south of Amsterdam on AirBnB. The tickets for the flight where searched on Checkfelix and the time has come to wait for December 28th.

The journey starts!

The first thing to do when your plane lands on the airport is to find your way to your accomendation. That should be pretty easy. Depending on you luggage and stay you have different options.

Option 1 Public Transport

For detailed information about Public Transportation in Amsterdam please see our information page.

Option 2 Taxi

When you choose the option of a Taxi just head to the Taxi parking spot and don’t let any driver lure you to his car. That’s the most important part about gettin a Taxi on Schiphol. The fare will vary depending on the car and the traffic.

What to do?

Donna the Mouse, an impression of the streets of Amsterdam.

Donna the Mouse, an impression of the streets of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a beautyful city. You have a ton of opportunities on how to spent your time. You could take a walk in the famous Vondel Park. You can do some ice skateing on different locations all over the city. When the temperatures are below 0 degree celcius for an long enought period you can even go to skate on the Herrengracht. What would a visit to Amsterdam be like without a walk around De Wallen? You would miss the city’s famous red windows. There are a ton of museums and you can spent some time at one of the famous coffeeshops around the city.

On New Years Eve the city is living and filled with people from all over the world. But the locals are celebrating Oud en Niuew very vibrant with tons of fireworks. People are lighting fireworks all over the city and from 21:00 to 01:30 the sky is lit by exploding rockets.

During the the days before and after New Years Eve the city is very crowded and some coffeeshop employees can be very stressed, because there can be lines in front of the stores to actually be allowed to enter. Keep your ID ready to minimize waiting times. Ask polite if you can have a look at what you want to buy and if you’re denied don’t get stressed and decide if you want to buy without looking and smelling or if you wish the employee the best and head on to a different location.

What to get?

An important notice upfront this is my personal opinion over the stuff I’ve sampled during the stay. It isn’t complete or even close to complete. So here is the toplist for New Years Eve in Amsterdam 2015.


Import Light Hash

Ibiza Coffee, Hot Chocolate and something sweet.

Ibiza Coffee, Hot Chocolate and something sweet.

  1. Nepal Polm – Het Ballonnetje
  2. Manali Charas – Ibiza
  3. Nepal Himalaya – Papillion

Import Dark Hash

  1. Tripple Zero – Ibiza
  2. Greenhouse Rif Special – Green House
  3. Turkish Delight – Barney’s
  4. Red Lebanon – Bulldog
  5. King Hassan – Stones


  1. Iceolator – Green House
  2. Honey Hash – Prix d’ami



  1. Swazi – Siberië
  2. Vietcong – ???

Organic (Outdoor)

  1. Bio Ballonnetje – Het Ballonnetje
  2. Bio Weed (Purple) – De Keeper
  3. Master Kush – Yo-Yo


  1. Laughing Buddha – Barney’s
  2. Green Crack – Ibiza
  3. Dr. Grinspoon – El Guapo
  4. Hawaiian Snow – Green House
  5. Jack Herer – The Point


  1. Afgooey – Green House, G13 – Het Ballonnetje

    Those stickers can be found all over Amsterdam so sharpen your eyes when walking around in the city.

    Those stickers can be found all over Amsterdam so sharpen your eyes when walking around in the city.

  2. La Confidential – Green House
  3. Pot of Gold – Media
  4. Bubba Kush – Ibiza


  1. Blue Dream – Papillion
  2. Pineapple Express – Hunter’s
  3. Lemon Skunk – Green House
  4. Snow White – Speak Easy
  5. Mango Kush – Het Ballonnetje


When you spent New Years Eve in Amsterdam, you will be in one of the most beautyful cityies of the world, with many people from all over the world and very friendly locals, that are more than likely to help in any way you can imagine. Just be polite and not a rude fool and you will get along just great.

Make sure to watch out for changed opening hours on December 31st. Many locals want to celebrate NYE as well. You will probably meet them later on the streets.