So today starts the UNGASS 2016. It will be interesting to see what the UN decides.

This week will be packed with international networking and many round tables about different topics and finally there will be a resolution that will cover the outcome of the United Nations General Assembly Special Session 2016.

During the many events covering there are many opportunities for the members of the UNGASS to exchange ideas and experiences collected in the past years. Many states have decriminalized Cannabis/THC and some even legalized it completely. They have gathered many numbers to crunch during the session and in preparation for the event. Many people all over the world think that the war on drugs failed miserably. Many honest working people fear repression from there states, for using THC in self medication, cause the system is preventing them, from openly addressing their issue.

Many families got separated by a brutal try to enforce something that only got banned 40 years ago. Take a look at the Netherlands where you, as a consumer, are tolerated to posses 5 gram of cannabis, as long as you’re not an annoyance. Or at Canada, Portugal, Czech, US and Uruguay all of them are working towards a legal cannabis distribution system. Some countries see profit in selling the cannabis directly. Others see profit in taxation. Others see lower expenses that can be used for prevention instead of prohibition.

Education should be a major concern over the week. And prevention is a number 1 topic as well.

Prevention does not mean trying to hide the “problem” in prison. But to talk about the “problem” to educate young people about it. Spread the knowledge about it.

So I wish you a good start into an amazing week that will cover many different aspects of global drug policies.

It might be a good sign that April 20th is during this week. As we all know 420 is around the corner.

Let me know what you think will happen during the next days?