Today I bring you the Vaporizer Cheat Sheet to print out and place next to your vaporizer. It lists some of the active components found in cannabis. It lists the important cannabinoids and the most common terpenes. You can quickly lookup the name, the boiling point, the chemical structure and some of its properties.

To enjoy all the components found in the plant it is necessary to use different temperatures while vaporizing. The most psychoactive component D9-THC has a very low boiling point and will vaporize at 157°C. The medical most important component Cannabidiol (CBN) will vaporize at a temperature range of 160°C – 180°C.

When you smell on you herbs you will notices a smell, that smell is not the cannabinoids that are terpenes. Terpenes are present in many different herbs and fruits. You can find Myrcene in parsley and hops.

The information on the cheat sheet is a compilation of multiple sources, when you find something needs to be changed make sure to let me know and I will update the cheat sheet accordingly. Maybe I have some prints of them ready next time I visit Amsterdam. The information on the Vaporizer Cheat Sheet is intended to educate people about the components found in cannabis. Many people don’t really know when what components get vaporized, and what the different effects are.

So whenever you explain a volcano to anyone make sure to keep a print of this cheat sheet ready.

The Vaporizer Cheat Sheet

The Vaporizer Cheat Sheet