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Coffeeshop Easy Times


  • Kosher Kush
  • Friendly Staff
  • Huge Lounge
  • Football usually on 1 of the 4 flatscreens


  • Often full
  • Right in the middle of town
  • Tourists love it
Some nugporn in front of Coffeeshop Easy Times

Some nugporn in front of Coffeeshop Easy Times

I want to mention at this point i will do my best to keep an open mind but like Boerejongens, Voyages or Katsu this is one my favorite coffeeshops and you can often find me relaxing inside in the winter and outside in the summer!

As always before you read any further I want to mention I am not just reviewing the weed but the coffeeshop experience as a whole, I am not promoting or affiliated with any coffeeshops or gaining anything from this! It’s all is my opinion and thoughts, I am not a connoisseur of cannabis but a stoner with the idea to inform others as they visit this great city!

Like Amnesia, Easytimes is based on along the river but this time we’re heading into the Leidseplein area, it’s not a quite spot as it’s closer to the main shopping section but being next to the river they have a real nice outside seating area. I think maybe 3 tables, each with 2 chairs and a candle to keep you company. In the summer they open up the big patio like doors and that makes then place both attractive but also real breezy, nice to chill on a hot day.


As you step into Easytimes you’ll see it’s a very friendly social area, it’s larger than most coffeeshops with the area and with that have split the one large space into two sections. The first is where you will buy your cannabis/drinks then though the doors is a larger relaxed lounge area.

Easy times has a good seating area in both rooms, the front can get crowded, obviously considering it’s where people wait in line but you’ll still find just the left of the bar a couple of tables and chairs, as well as that a couple of stools are in front of the TV as you walk in.

The second room as mentioned is much larger, as soon as you enter to the left you’ll find a circle like table with stools seated around and this is similar on the other side but with a counter side. This is really good if you want to take your laptop and you can sit comfortably or if your with friends you can all sit together around the table and enjoy the social aspect. Past the table you have a huge open lounge, you can tell the place is super relaxed, there a couple of shops which i’ve talked about saying you can’t relax or get comfortable with the seating provide, however at Easytimes that isn’t the case. The sofa’s are very comfortable, when I come here I often buy some buds, use my laptop at the tables and then go to the sofa’s once finished as it’s so much more relaxing and easy on the back. They have 3 TV’s in the room which can all seen where ever you sit, you don’t have to strain your head, it must be said they usually have a couple of different channels on each TV which can be confusing but they do play premier league matches which is perfect.

The Cannabis. (this might be long)


As for the weed I believe it’s has some of best in town, that doesn’t go for the whole menu but usually the flavours are on point. I will say with no hesitation that EasyTimes has the best Kosher Kush in the city! Hands down, wins everyday! Touch, smell, taste, density, she’s perfect in every way.

A menu of Coffeeshop Easy Times in Amsterdam

A menu of Coffeeshop Easy Times in Amsterdam

Lets start with that Kosher. It started while back, I had been in the city for lets say 8 months and I hadn’t been to Easytimes as much as I should of, I was spending most my time in Boerejongens back then as I loved the place (i still do) it was cheap, nice weed and cheap. A friend mentioned while smoking that I must check Easytimes and the Kosher Kush, we all know Kosher is a cup winner, DNA Genetics but being 16euro I usually stayed away from the expensive prices. Not only that but I had tried Kosher in a couple other shops and thought it was nice but not 16euro nice, it just didn’t have the flavour. My buddie persisted for a few days knowing I was a flavour man and guaranteed me that I wouldn’t be let down like last time should I buy a couple grams. Ladies and Gentleman! oh my, it was from that point Kosher jumped it’s way on my all time favourite strains, if grown, cured and flushed right this strain is a goddess!!! I smelt the bag and was shocked with the strength, burt my nose hairs! I kid you not as soon you pulled the bud apart and place her in the grinder you could tell why she was something special, nothing compared to the Kosher I had smoked in the past or at other shops. As i lit the joint and exhaled my mouth was filled not with smoke but a kushy earthy danky, tasty goodness, amazing flavour, she tasted as good as she smelt!

Now you might say here that for 16euro you can get just as flavoursome weed at other coffeeshops, Voyagers perhaps with the Notorious or Bagheera with the Valley OG both disturbingly tasty but what I think sets EasyTimes apart is the Kosher Kush has been on the menu for a year+ it doesn’t come and go and I haven’t been let down with any of my purchases. Okay if i’m honest maybe once or twice I think the trimming was shit or the buds we’re small but it didn’t matter the bud still held that cup winning flavour which is the reason I purchased her.

They also have a Green Crack that is goes down with a lot of people, personally I don’t like it, the taste it’s sometime I enjoy. If your not an Indica person I’m sorry for all the above, the Strawberry Haze from here is usually a real nice haze, I once said the nicest I had ever had in the city but a few months later 1e hulp pulled up a Strawberry Silver that took its place but overall a very nice smoke for 14euro.

The White Widow is one my my buddies go to strains, she’s 8euro or something and for quality he always thinks it worthwhile, me not so much as even though I like this place the widow doesn’t hold much flavour when compared to the other stains on offer. I go Easytimes because of the the Kosher or should that be finished then the Holy Grail Kush is my second recommendation, they used to have an OG Reek ’n’ but I preferred it from Mr K and Co.


Easytimes like Voyages, De Kade or even 1eHulp is a must go coffeeshop, I think if you go here and don’t buy the Kosher or even look then your being a tool, granted if you they don’t have it in stock then grab the Holy Grail or ask when the next batch will be in and be patient. I often tell people who can’t decide at the counter to buy the Kosher, I give them my bag which I just bought and as soon as they smell it they usually buy it themselves, it’s just that tasty.

The lounge is huge which makes is a nice chill spot for both locals and tourists, free wifi so you can take your laptop and with the tables and tv’s it has everything you could ask for. The place can get a little busy so if your looking for a quite spot I think Easytimes could work in the week but Friday and weekends can get very busy both in the day and evening but if you don’t mind that then it’s a great spot. They close 1AM and it’s easy to stay until that time.

The staff are always friendly but it can get busy, sometimes due to that they can be a little blunt with you but i’ve never found it to be rude, you can see there in a rush and there just trying to serve everyone. (like a busy bar late at night)

As always thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts, I doubt but but maybe you got a bad batch or didn’t like the Kosher? feel free to get in touch and let me know your thoughts.