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Easy times is located just off Leidseplein next door to SuperSkunk. You’ll see EasyTimes is a very modern looking coffeeshop. From the street the place stands out with the pearl white/yellow outside with words Coffeeshop Easy times in a bold black above the door.

Outside they have a lovely seating area that, come summer time, you’ll find it hard to get a seat. It’s such a nice spot people will often keep coming and going all day long.

As you step into Easy Times you’ll see it’s a very friendly and social area. It’s larger than most coffeeshops close by and with that have split the one room into two sections. In the entrance area you find the budtender and the bar. The first is where you will buy your cannabis/drinks then though the doors is a larger relaxed lounge area. We wouldn’t go as far to say Easytimes has a club feel, but perhaps if you got a coffeeshop and dropped 60% of a jazz bar on top of it you might end up with something like Easytimes. They have a cool purple and black colour scheme which runs through the shop giving it a cool vibe.

The weed menu here is one of the best! It’s one of the real coffeeshops of Amsterdam (you know we love this phrase). Our personal review goes into much more details but should you visit here the Kosher Kush and Holy Grail Kush are worth having a look at. Even the lower end strains such as the White Widow or Candy Kush are nice buys for the money.

They always seem to care about the weed they sell and always have some of the best flavours in the city.

Edibles and Extra’s

We should mention that here at Easytimes they have the availability to let you use the vaporisers. Just ask the staff about it. The edibles at Easy times are worth mentioning they have a couple:

Normal muffin .3 grams
Organic cake .5 grams
Brownie .5 grams
Special Brownie .8/1gram (This and the e1 Triple Choco muffin are the only edibles ever to effect our writers on a serious level)

If you’re not a big smoker then don’t get the special but should believe your a stoner and can handle your skunk then the Special Cake is more for you. One of our writers ate 2 and was completely shocked by the results, was an amazing experience according to him.

 – want a more personal review written by a local then click here –

and don’t forget if you’ve been to Easytimes post your thoughts below and let us know what you smoked!

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  • Address Prinsengracht 476
    1017KG Amsterdam

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