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DNA is very social coffeeshop located close to the Olympisch Stadion, this makes it out the way of the mainstream coffeeshops around the city but definitely worth checking out. There located in a quiet residential area, however should you walk from town you can go down the river which doesn’t make the walk so bad.

Once you enter the you’ll see the professionalism and social aspect we talk about, the shop is very open with a small smoking room located in the corner, you’ll approach the counter in which the bud tenders can answer all your questions. I actually know a few locals who use this place as a pharmacy often going there when having a difficulty sleeping or pain issues, the bud tenders are always up to date with the weed they have in stock and are able to help.

The menu here is always high grade and full of flavour, they have a couple of strains that you won’t find in the city often, banana haze, jungle haze, the list could keep going but just a few that our writers thought to mention. They do stock Amsterdam Genetics which you’ll find in many the shops, however they do also have in a couple of DNA strains such as the lemons or amnesias and for the quality the price is always up there in the top.

Once you purchase your buds you can chill in the smoking room or walk down the street at check out De Kade, it’s another shop that is in the top 10 of Amsterdam.

Is DNA a favourite shop of yours? Let us know your thoughts in the reviews below.

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  • Address Achillesstraat 104
    1076 RH Amsterdam

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