Welcome to Funky Munkey

The storefront of Funky Munkey in Amsterdam

The storefront of Funky Munkey in Amsterdam

Funky Munkey is a great coffeeshop located just down the road from the well known 1e Hulp, across from the fire station. They don’t have an outside seating and can sometimes be missed, but should you seek out the Monkey then you won’t find yourself regretting it!

The entrance is small and you enter off the street. As soon as you go in, you’ll see a second door in front of you that leads to the large lounge. Before you enter the lounge you buy your weed at the counter to your right.

The Menu

The menu you can find at Funky Munkeys in Amstedam

The menu you can find at Funky Munkeys in Amstedam

The weed is usually very nice here. We recommend both Jack Herer and Sky Walker OG, as they always offer a nice bang for the buck. The fact that it’s that tasty in combination with the price makes it one of the best in town. They nice have nice collection of hashish and the preroll, compared with other places in town, are very cheap for those who like to smoke them.

Once you enter the lounge you’ll see a great seating area which can accommodate huge groups and that might be perfect for 420. They have two large tables to the left hand side of the room. Around the other side of the room you find smaller tables with chairs. The downside of the small tables is that they’re not the most comfortable seats, as you can read in our local review. But when you’re around in a larger group the large tables makes it especially relevant.

In the middle of the room stands a pool table that for 2 euro can amuse a group for hours! The fact that Funky Munkey owns a pool table and that it’s relative quiet, makes it a great place. Even with it’s close proximity to 1e Hulp you might be able to get a seat. At the end of the day good milkshakes, nice weed and good music plus a pool table… just makes for a perfect afternoon.

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  • Address Marnixstraat 333
    1016 Amsterdam

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