I like to wish all of you a happy 420!

When you’re in Amsterdam today, you might already have tickets for The Elite Cup 420. If not, don’t panic there is plenty to do on that day in Amsterdam, even when you consider that only 7 days later there is Koninginnedag. For example you can join in on a large smoke out at the Vondelpark. You can check out some of the famous coffeeshops like The Bulldog or The Green House and find out more about the culture and history behind the coffeshop system.

When you’re not in Amsterdam there are still many important things going on today. Today is the second official day of the UNGASS2016. On the schedule for today are two roundtables.

The first roundtable covers the topic of “Supply reduction and related measures; responses to drug-related crime; and countering money-laundering and promoting judicial cooperation (“drugs and crime”)”. And the second roundtable today is about “Cross-cutting issues: drugs and human rights, youth, women, children and communities”. Both topics are very important. Over the whole day there is general talk going on in the General Assembly Hall.

There are also many side events taking place. The official timetable covers the side events as well.

So now everything left for today is lite up your blunt and enjoy an amazing April 20th.

Let me know when you enjoyed your day!