Some regions in the netherlands don’t like cannabis tourism. Some locations even applied the ruling because of neighbor countries.

But what is cannabis tourism?

Cannabis tourism is a form of travel that is related to recreational cannabis usage. The discussion about cannabis tourism is a long lasting debate. It can lead to an unpleasant environment for locals. On the other hand it’s additional income for the region. The guys over at Green Flower Media published a post that covers some benefits of cannabis tourism. I agree with them about the possibilities and the planning factor. The educational point is very important as well and Green Flower Media covers many of the basic research and provides a wide variety of workshops, labs and even an online university.

So when you plan to go on a trip make sure to be prepared and have a plan. Don’t be mean and rude, be friendly and inviting. You will have a great time wherever you go for your trip. When you happen to visit Amsterdam and want to learn something about the history of the toleration policies you can visit the The Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. And to actually visit Amsterdam coffeeshop history visit the Mellow Yellow and The Bulldog.

Let me know when you enjoyed your stay!