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Coffeeshop Grey Area during the night while it's already closed

Coffeeshop Grey Area during the night while it’s already closed

Grey Area’s located just behind Dam Square. When you walk for about 5 minutes behind the Palace, you will find one of the smallest but yet one of the most famous coffeeshops in Amsterdam. We can’t say for sure what exactly attracts people to this coffeeshop. Perhaps it’s the 25 awards won at High Times events over the years or the fact they just won first place over the board in Amsterdam’s most recent Cannabis event? We’re just assuming both these reasons might have something to do with it.

Grey Area like Dampkring and Greenhouse is a popular spot for many celebrities. In the past they had many famous faces walk in showing love and support. We never have seen it our self, but it is said that Snoop Dog walks in occasionally. The place is iconic for stoners just because for the decor. Due to it’s size there is no restroom and for lunch you can have a space cake. It’s simplicity makes it a real stoner heaven. Super tasty weed, RooR bongs for use and a place slapped from ceiling to wall with stickers. This adds so much personality to the shop, it’s hard to put your finger on it. When you’re at Grey Area you might be able to do a better job in the reviews below. This coffeeshop is one of the few places where you can enjoy a RooR bowl without a deposit.

The Cannabis in short

The weed here is always more than satisfying. I think sometimes the Exodus Cheese is disappointing but if you go to Grey Area it’s not for the Cheese. The Grey Area haze or even the Grey Berry are something to look at as well as some more exotic strains on the menu plus there own home strains, the Grey Bone in particular is worth a purchase. First place winner in the Unity Cup under the Indica category. They also have a Silver Bubble which came in first in the Sativa category. At this time I think it’s worth mentioning the Unity Cup isn’t like a High Times event and the judging comes down to who ever buys a judge’s pack, managers we spoke to in other coffeeshops (who did and didn’t compete) said this can affect people’s thoughts due to the popularity of particular coffeeshops.

If you visit here it’s not unusual if you smell the shop before you see it and don’t be alarmed if there’s a queue or you have to wait, if you haven’t visited Amsterdam before then it’s a must in the Amsterdam tours.

— read our locals review, Grey Area was his first stop when he ever visited Amsterdam —

Grey Area doesn’t really have a seating area hence why we mentioned nothing till now. There are 2 tables, but most of the time you can’t get a seat. If you end up going to Grey Area then check out Amnesia or Tweede Kamer. Tweede Kamer is a 10 minute walk to compared to the Amnesia 3 minutes but it’s one of the secret gems of the city.

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  • Address Oude Leliestraat 2
    1015 AW Amsterdam
  • Jay Stevenson

    John has always got the fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Butler

    The best in dam by a mile love ❤️ it here !!!

    • Alan Smartt

      grey area.1e hulp bjorejongens, top 3 in the dam..

    • – Amsterdam Coffeeshop Map

      Alan Smartt top 3 is a killer.. what about Katsu or De Kade and we’re forgetting Voyagers. Top 6 😉

    • Alan Smartt

      i like it man :).

  • Martin Hulme

    Best in the Dam end of chat always really top bud An good deals what more does a man need 😋👍👍👍

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