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DNA Coffeeshop


  • Always friendly!
  • Amsterdam Genetics,
  • Real Cheap,
  • One the most friendly and welcoming coffeeshops i have ever found,
  • I like to quiz bud tenders or shop owners as info is hard to find online, when even I asked here they seem happy to discuss.


  • Hard to locate if your not local,
  • Small smoking room,
  • Place occasionally gets shot and shut down!
Outside of DNA Coffeeshop in Amsterdam during the night

Outside of DNA Coffeeshop in Amsterdam during the night

Now DNA is a little tiny shop down near the Olympic stadium, I wasn’t looking for this little gem when I found her but I’m happy I did, at the time I was trying to find De Kade (another place I loose easy) but once I decided to try this place out I was going back for weeks after until it shut. (it is back open now)

The Coffeeshop used to be called Jabba, when hearing this I was hoping for the life of me that it might of been a Star Wars reference but after looking online and couldn’t find anything to confirm my new hopes.

As always before you read any further I want to mention I am not just reviewing the weed but the coffeeshop experience as a whole, I am not promoting or affiliated with any coffeeshops or gaining anything from this! It’s all is my opinion and thoughts, I am not a connoisseur of cannabis but a stoner with the idea to inform others as they visit this great city!

So at first glance street view you wouldn’t think this place is one of the best places in town, it’s located in a very residential area which isn’t a bad thing but when you’re visiting for a few days it can make it hard to find and that’s even with wifi or google maps. Once you enter the CS you’ll see it’s huge, I don’t know why they don’t take advantage of this by having a much larger smoking room but i’m guessing it’s something to do with it being in a residential area. The counter is located to your far right as you enter and in front you can see a small smoking room. (ill attach photos as always) the smoking room is new and as i mentioned hopefully they look to extend it as at the moment it is on the small side.

A view from behind the bar in DNA Coffeeshop

A view from behind the bar in DNA Coffeeshop

So even before you arrive at the counter you’ll notice it’s similar to the Boerejongens style, now I don’t just mean the Amsterdam Genetics weed but also regards to the layout, the seeds and memorabilia and the dress code, it’s not a bow tie and suspenders but the bud tenders here always seem to be wearing a long brown jacket, kinda scientific like?! I like it, I do want to mention the major difference between the two, every time I go to DNA I feel it’s more social, with Boerejongens it’s sometimes case of coming and going, you grab your weed and leave. This isn’t the case at DNA, you’ll find when entering or once you have purchased your bud you feel very much at home, maybe cause it’s over 21 but every time I go I feel like to want to stay, perhaps chat to some of the locals and roll a couple of joints. (one i roll and smoke in there and usually roll another for the walk)

The menu is located on the counter, even from a far you’ll see the monitor and here be able to choose your flowers, the menu here is usually very large, I don’t think there’s been a time when I haven’t ask to see more than 3 strains and on that I usually walk away with 2 of them. The majority of the buds are Amsterdam Genetics, but they like Johnny’s they do sometimes have buds that other places don’t, on top of that you’ll see on the menu i’ve attached a lemon DNA Genetic strain so goes to shows it’s not always AG.

The Weed

DNA Coffeeshop Menu during February 2017

DNA Coffeeshop Menu during February 2017

Now I’m pretty sure I can attach loads photos and mention many strains from this place as I have been a fair few times but on this occasion I decided on the C5 Pioneer, at 12euro she’s a beauty, as soon as the lid came off the smell the fresh haze aroma filled the air. I know Dampkring have a C5 at the moment which has been mentioned a couple times and because she was cheaper here I thought I would give it a go. At the same time I also looked at the Kosher Kush, Blue Cheese and the Jungle Haze which is usually potent for the price tag she holds. Now this time around I decided to only go for the one strain this is because i’m broke, I am getting paid soon as soon as I do i’ll go back and try the Kosher AK, I only got a quick smell but she looked amazing and if she has a kosher taste then I will be a happy reviewer  (Kosher is one my all time strains along with Cheese so I can easily do a review on her as I know it so well) The blue cheese wasn’t anything special this time around but here at Smoke Palace have become good Cheese spots and always worth a check.

The C5 I purchased is a real super head high, I’ve had only a couple of drags and I can my legs slowly loosing feeling and my head getting very light, the high where you feel on top of the clouds, floating feeling? Perhaps my description isn’t on the best but the should you be a first time smoker I wouldn’t look at purchasing the C5, it’s more for the experienced smoker just because the high is very quick and strong, like a cheeky nip in the ribs she catches you by surprise.

Another great thing about this unique little shop is the fact they have a mini freezer/fridge to keep the hash block in! HOW FUCKING AMAZING IT THAT!!!! Feel free to put me in my place and tell me I’m wrong but I haven’t seen this at any other shop and I personally love the fact it’s always kept fresh, not only but in the summer I’m sure it will make a difference. Lovely little added addition to the place.

I also think this is one of the best places in town for Gruis, now as this point you might read this and think why am I even mentioned Gruis?! Edibles?! I read online that want to cook while here and I think unless you know a grower grubs is best for this, on top of that I’ve met a few people who just want a cheap addition to fill in joints rather than tobacco or the herb things. Now DNA is one the few places that splits the Gruis into Indica and Sativa! When I went out before looking for Gruis to cook with, I found it wasn’t labeled, most the time it was just grubs but having the choice of Sativa and Indica makes the edibles that much better.


DNA Coffeeshop's smoking area

DNA Coffeeshop’s smoking area

This place is dope! They might not have a smoking area but I don’t think it’s needed and let me explain why:

Now I’m assuming a lot but this place is pretty far from town, because of this I think you’ll visit either on bikes or in the summer when the weather isn’t so bad and you don’t mind a nice walk down south. The reason I don’t think the smoking area really matters is because if you have bikes you can easily ride and find a smoking area close by, no issue, takes couple minutes! If you’re visiting in summer then you really have no reason to be put off with by the place having no smoking area, you have the nice outside summer air to go out in. I guess I haven’t mentioned at this point that DNA is located right by a lovely set of canals, walking here you literally follow the river down and once purchasing your weed it makes a nice walk back as you can skin up along to river and relaxing on a couple of benches along the way.

Answer my point?

On top of this they have great weed at a great price, they are always happy to answer questions and I do believe if it wasn’t for location this place would remain busy 24/7, having said that if the location changed I’m sure their amazing prices would also change but you get my drift. I think if I was to put together list of the 10 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam then this place would easily find itself in there without a second thought.

Thanks again for reading and should you have any questions or any feedback feel free to message me direct or reply on here.

(I want to mention that this time I will be using photos that I have taken myself but also from I will use a couple from the DNA website, I don’t think it’s an issue but I think I have to mention it?)