Location: Amsterdam

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You’ve found the fabulous city of Amsterdam. Here all your dreams can come true. Explore the beautiful city during every season. Amsterdam has to offer great opportunities during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. In Spring there is one of the biggest Dutch Holidays the Koningsdag or Kingsday. During the Summer you have many music festivals. During Autumn you can have a great time along the canals. And in the Winter there is the annual Light Festival.

Whenever you visit Amsterdam you will find plenty of things to do. Make sure to be informed about the current situation. If you have any questions check out the FAQ. If you’re just looking for the best coffeeshops in town head over to the toplist.

Now to the things that might have brought you to this page. All the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Feel free to browse around the different listings. And go ahead and find your favourite coffeeshop.

At first you might be overwhelmed by the city, but don’t fear getting lost. Many locals will happily help you to find back on your track. We try to show you around the city while visiting a few coffeeshops. So make sure to follow the links in the description of the listings.