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In this category you will find many travel reports of different locations where you won’t be criminalized for recreational use of cannabis.


Amsterdam – Day 3 preparing for NYE

Amsterdam is a very vibrant city during New Year’s Eve. The city is very busy and going around can be a pain. We had planned to check in on some of the coffeeshops that were about to cease business. This…


Amsterdam – Day 2 the Journey for Oliebollen

After the first night we noticed what it means to live in a Houseboat in Amsterdam. It seems that a Houseboat requires some amount of maintenance. So it came that there was lack of warm water. But a quick call…


Amsterdam – Day 1 a rough arrival

Going to Amsterdam It all started with a message from KLM, flight delayed by 1 hour. Not thinking about anything bad we arrived at the airport. After all we got lucky to fly with KLM. It turned out the weather…


Did you ever wonder where charas is made?

The National Geographic website published a great post about the himalayan villages that produce the charas, that you can sometimes find in coffeeshops like Ibiza and Amnesia.


New Years Eve in Amsterdam 2015

New Years Eve in Amsterdam! When spending New Years Eve in Amsterdam make sure to be open and ready to soak up the energy and life of the city. Amsterdam is alwas very living but there are some times during…