The last weeks where very busy for Amsterdam. Here are some updates on whats going on. Lets start with the Amsterdam Unity Cup Results. We also cover the latest news on the shooting situation, as well as some shutdowns with January 1st 2017. But also a new Coffeeshop is going to be opened.

Amsterdam Unity Cup

As every year in the week leading to Thanksgiving there was a Cup held in Amsterdam. The cup is organized by some of the Coffeeshops around the town. But here are the Results:


  1. Grey Area: #GA
  2. Bagheera: Nicolde Dry Sieve
  3. Het Ballonnetje: Amnesia


  1. Grey Area: Headbanger
  2. Voyagers: 24k Gold
  3. Original Dampkring: A5 White


  1. Grey Area: Silver Bubble
  2. Boerejongens: White Cocho Haze
  3. 1E Hulp: Somali


  1. Grey Area: Grey Bone
  2. Bagheera: Fearly Kush
  3. MrKandco: OG Ripen

So when you visit Amsterdam make sure to put Grey Area on your bucket list.


During multiple shootings, different places where attacked. All had to close down their business. The following places where attacked: Blue Lagon, Vondel, Green Place, Roxy, The Power, De Kroon, DNA and Coffeeshop Speak Easy. Even a normal restaurant became the target of an attack and had to close.

On November 1st, in a joined effort of Coffeeshop owners, offered a reward of € 25.000,– for the tip that leads to the aggressor. The owners didn’t have a problem at the backdoor and didn’t fell victim to black mailing. In a quote one brings up the questions if the city is dealing with a psychopath.

On November 8th a suspect was arrested.

On November 9th the mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan announced, that the Coffeeshops that where targeted by a shooting will be able to reopen after a week of closure. In addition a policy is introduced, that the Coffeeshops have to install video surveillance and work together with law enforcement.

On November 14th a private flat above The Power was the target of a shooting.

On November 24th Mayor Van Der Laan announced that, all Coffeeshops, that fell victim to a shooting, beside The Power, are allowed to open their doors again. The Power is a different case and was targeted 3 times and in the last shooting the flat above the Coffeeshop was hit. So the Mayor wants to talk more to the people in the neighborhood.

See a map of the targeted places below.

Eight shops need to close

With January 1st 2017 eight Coffeeshops have to close, the stores are to close to schools. Make sure to visit them while they are still around. In a month they are gone for good. So here is the list:

A new Coffeeshop

A new Coffeeshop will open it’s door close to the station Bijlmer. And even better there are already plans for a second store in that region.