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Coffeeshop Amnesia


  • Nice, comfortable seating!
  • Visually nice to chill in,
  • Volcanoes available at no cost. They also have couple nice glass bongs.
  • Cheap drinks


  • I find it hard to locate,
  • Weed isn’t anything special, (on occasions or the right day)
  • Staffs mood can vary.
  • Expensive buds
The front of coffeeshop Amnesia

The front of coffeeshop Amnesia

I’ll start this off by mentioning I don’t come here all that often, since I lived here maybe I purchased like 15 times in total and in there only a couple more. As I sit here I wonder why I don’t come chill here more often but then again the longer I stay the more I realize the reasons why I don’t. I haven’t purchased any buds yet but I’m sure that’ll change the longer I stay here. (Spoiler alert it doesn’t)

As always I want to mention I am not just reviewing the weed but the coffeeshops experience as a whole, I am not promoting or affiliated with any coffeeshops! This all is my opinion and thoughts, I am not a connoisseur of cannabis but a stoner with the idea to inform others as they visit this great city!

So i always find it difficult to get to this place, I’ve been living here 2 years and still everything looks the same, however I the best directions I can give are: Find our beloved Grey Area, walk down the street so that GA is on the right hand side and turn left, it’s like 50m down the road.

So Amnesia unlike others provides outside seating, this is because in the summer they pretty much have a perfect spot, it’s beside the river which makes it a relaxing smoke, happily sit all day watching the boats go by. Being able to do this while also being able to get a milkshake with whipped cream for 4euro only makes the experience better. (That’s in summer, winter outside isn’t so dreamy)

On first glance the visuals in this place are something i think makes it stand out, the dark decor in which they’ve incorporated the purple lights and purple candles makes a nice chill environment, should you be walking past at night you’ll definitely be intrigued to visit. Once you enter you’ll see most all the seats are comfortable (photos attached) I find this a rarity. I’ve mentioned before the back breakers which laughably coffeeshops call seats!!! In a couple of places the seating is awful and not been thought about at all! Just a thought, I’m 26 and saying this, I hate to think what it’s like for you older readers. However this isn’t the case in Amnesia, as soon you enter you’ll see on the right next to the door 3 individual tables in a line accompanied by cushioned chairs on one side and a nice sofa like seating on the other (always go for the sofa side) From this in front of the seating on the left hand side (opposite the counter) you’ll find the same seating set up with a much longer sofa like thing and rather than 3 tables you’ll find 6, again in a line going along with the chairs. As well as all the nice seating I guess I should mention that next to the door on the left you have 6 stools with a bench to roll but this isn’t the best seat for a long stay.

The menu of Coffeeshop Amnesia in February 2017.

The menu of Coffeeshop Amnesia in February 2017.

The weed seems alright, you’ll see from the menu it’s not cheap here! Not one strain less than 12 euro which in Amsterdam I think is crazy. You can get dank get 8 euro if you’re smart about it so to not have even a 10 euro strain is bold. Also they seem pretty big on the whole no tobacco or maybe it’s just one of them days. I know the situation with tobacco use in Amsterdam coffeeshops but most allow you to get away with it as long as you don’t have it on show. I’ve been here what …. 3/4 hours and i think it that time I’ve heard it be mentioned a well over 10 times by a couple of the bud tenders, on top of that they provide the tobacco substitute on each table so you can’t give any excuse. That being said I’ll roll with tobacco like I do in all the c/s and just hide it and never have it on show.

While writing this I still haven’t purchased but I did meet a new friend from Scotland, him and his Mrs. happily shared a lemon haze joint he rolled, was nice, 14 Euro… wasn’t most flavorsome lemon I’ve had but nice smooth high which can’t be complained about. After looking at the menu they have a couple stains that appeal to me like the Vanilla Kush but usually I buy this in Mr. K and I know my buddy who wanted a review will be reading this dying for me to review the Amnesia but in truth and I’ll allow the criticism to follow but I’m not a big amnesia fan. I think there’s so many flavors and strains why go for a standard boring Amnesia? Granted it’s a strong tasty stain but if I’m going boring I would much prefer a Super Silver Haze, I think the taste and high are very similar but the Silver in my mind always has more of a fresher buzz. Sorry Kieren.

Another plus about this place that i think would attract many is the fact they have the Volcanos Vapes available at no charge or restriction. There are 2 placed next to each other, unfortunately there not placed on the sofa seats but the stools just next to the bar. (The hard life you vapers have) I think is a great aspect to the coffeeshop, as there not in every shop and here you’re allowed to change the temperature. A couple of places in the city have vapes that are stuck at one temp level or simply the vapes are damaged and haven’t been replaced. Amnesia allows you to vape however you want and both the vapes seem in really good condition which is really cool.


A set of Volcano vaporizers for use in Coffeeshop Amnesia

A set of Volcano vaporizers for use in Coffeeshop Amnesia

I think Amnesia is average spot, it’s a good chill with couple mates as the place has a good layout considering the space, the weed isn’t the best in town but that isn’t always the main thing, I wouldn’t spend big bucks here but it’s not bad. A bigger factor to compare it to other places are the staff, they could be friendlier and seem they want to work there. I sometimes feel they want to get you in sell you weed and that’s it. I wouldn’t say they want you to leave ASAP but there’s just no care in the sale, there not bothered what you buy or what they sell you. When I’ve asked in the past about the buds and asked to look at a couple I think 60% of the time I get argo or something is mentioned; it’s not like Funky Monkey. I think this place is a good spot if you’re thinking about going to Grey Area as you can never sit down so better to know about this around the corner. GA is tiny but then again the weed is better so go there first grab couple bits and if there is no seating then come around the corner buy a coffee and have a seat. If you’re with a group I think they will ask you buy some weed as well as a drink but should you be a couple or on your own I think coming here and just getting couple drinks would be no issue. (Let me know if that isn’t the case)

Edit one

I hate interrupting my reviews with added information and I find it easier doing it like this. While being in here and after I wrote about my first friend I made another. Couple guys from Israel, chilled nice chaps but after speaking to them about the trip we started discussing the weed they bought. Now I’ve mention in all my posts I am not affiliated with any shops and all thoughts are my own, I love this as even if I do get in a little trouble I can pretty much say my thoughts and not have anyone to answer to. On that note! The guys i just met bought the Cookie Kush for 17Euro! Now I’ve mentioned in other forums about how the expensive weed isn’t always the best and should you decided to spend 16/17 maybe 18 euro on a gram make sure it’s the dog’s bollocks. These guys aren’t massive smokers so I didn’t say it to them and I’m sure there not to bothered but for 17euro I think the buds are shocking! I did a review the other day at Johnny’s where I got myself a cookie cream for 11, granted it’s trimming wasn’t the best but its wasn’t 17 euro and had much more of a cookie smell and taste thought-out the bud. The only time I spend 17+ is at the bigger named places that really care about the buds Green Palace or Voyages, 16 at Easy times on the Kosher, Mr. K and 1e Hulp. (Boerejongens I love but you don’t need to spend big to get real nice flavors here) but my point is if you buy weed sold at that price range then to buds needs to be 10/10 and this batch of Cookie Kush isn’t even 7/10?!

Edit two

In the end after checking out the Vanilla I thought I would leave it, I will get couple photos of the shop and menu but I won’t be getting any buds here on this occasion. Both weed reviews will be based on the strains I smoked from the people, I don’t like doing this as I much prefer to roll my own joint but after looking at couple strains I’m not gonna waste money. I’ll go another time for some bud when I think the batch is better.